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The Seductress's Vault: A vault of Seductive Wisdom on Life, Love, Money and Men.

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Seduction 1: Why Men Must Financially Pay

A guide on why men must financially pay for women.

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Seduction 2: Saying No to Second Chances

Embrace the wisdom to create a fulfilling love life without having to double back to that man.

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Seduction 3: Why So Many Men Are Terrible In Bed

Uncover why men are so terrible in bed, and become the master of your own seductive destiny.

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Seduction 4: Why Men Are No Longer Impressive

No more tolerating immaturity or making excuses - this guide will empower you to leave at the first red flag and step into your seductress energy.

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Seduction 5: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

This seductress guide reveals how to be selective, yet realistic, in your romantic pursuits because you'll be damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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Seduction 6: The Power of Your Date

The favor women do by dating men.

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Seduction 7: The Annoyance Behind Hating Ass Women

Are you a seductress or a dickmatized woman? The difference between the two and how they impact you getting what you desire from men.

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Seduction 8: A Marriage of Convenience

A seductress may or may not want to get married. This guide is the wisdom for the seductress who chooses to.

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Seduction 9: He Misses Your Pussy but....

He misses your pussy but does he miss you.

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Seduction 10: Cheap Men are Not Good Men

The signs that he's a cheap man and why this is not a good thing for a woman tapping into her seductress.

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Seduction 11: Sex Worker Lessons for EVERYONE!

What everyone can learn from sex workers in order to elevate in life.

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