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I'm Sheri, the one woman show behind Confessions of a Refashionista, a groovy eco corner of the internet packed with loads of upcycling tutorials for just about anything + a bunch of preloved style inspiration too!

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What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is sustainable fashion? Discover the answer and more in this awesome free eBook!

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4 Step Wardrobe Audit mini-course

My 4 step wardrobe audit guides you through my simple closet decluttering formula to start your journey to creating your own sustainable style!

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Preloved Shopping Tips mini-course

All of my best refashionista thrifting tips in one convenient mini course!

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Laundry Tips mini-course

Find out what causes those preloved and brand new garment smells, how to easily remove stains and odours and so much more!

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Bleach and Dye mini-course

One of the quickest methods for updating garments involves zero sewing and uses items you may already have in your home!

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No Sew Refashions mini-course

There’s nothing better than a quick and easy project that involves absolutely zero sewing so take a peek at my top tips and DIYs and get making!

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Sewing Basics mini-course

Getting started refashioning your own wardrobe and updating vintage garments is a snap with these simple stitching techniques and quick tutorials too!

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Mending mini-course

Missing buttons, holes, rips and split seams are a snap to repair with a wee bit of refashionista know-how!

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Upsize Your Clothes mini-course

Make your tight clothes bigger with my simple upsizing methods, ideas and tutorials!

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DIY Accessories mini-course

Create your own awesome accessories from bits you already have lurking about the house!

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Sell Online mini-course

Discover how to create product listings that sell with my step by step photography tutorials, pricing formula plus postage and packaging tips too!

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Refashioning 101 eBook

With over 100 tutorials plus thrifty tips and tricks, Refashioning 101 has everything you need to create your own unique, sustainable style!

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Sustainable Lifestyle eBook

A collection of my absolute fave tips, tricks and tutorials that make it easy to change wasteful habits and start your eco journey!

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Eco Beauty and Bath eBook

Change those wasteful beauty and bath habits and get started on your eco-lifestyle!

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No Sew Refashions eBook

The refashioning world is chock full of nifty no sew DIYs to get you heading out looking stylish in a jiffy!

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Sewing Basics eBook

Getting started refashioning your wardrobe and mending vintage garments is a snap with my simple stitching techniques and quick tutorials!

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Life on the ZigZag eBook

Contains over 50 projects with easy to follow tutorials for everyone from first-time upcyclers to experienced Refashioners.

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