Unlock God Mode: Unleash Your 4D Powers

Unlock God Mode is a unique 10-hour audio course that invites you on a powerful journey of reality creation, intention, consciousness, and awareness.

Inside this immersive program, you'll be taught powerful tools & frameworks to help you — the epic creator — unlock the next level of your reality, uplevel your creation skills, deepen your relationship with yourself, and develop a limitless mind.

This journey will be unlike anything you've experienced. In 30 days, you will shift your state of consciousness and your life's dominant frequency forever.

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Key Features

  • 🕒 Self-Paced Learning: Bite-sized, daily audio lessons (15-30 minutes) to fit your schedule.

  • 🔧 30 Unique Reality Creation Tools: Daily techniques to integrate into your day-to-day life and apply to any situation

  • 🌙 30 Unique Feeling Amplifier Audios: Use the audios before bed to get into a specific feeling state of wealth, love, confidence, passion, and freedom.

  • 🌟 Flexible Access: Stream the lessons wherever you are and learn at your own pace. Do 1 lesson a day for maximum potency.

  • 💰 Accessible Pricing: You get unlimited access to the course, forever. Any future updates and bonuses will be included for free.

  • 👥 Epic Community: You will get an invitation to join a private group only for Unlock God Mode Members, where you'll be able to connect with an epic community of conscious creators.

  • 📅 4 Live Calls with James: For those that sign up this week, you'll get access to 4 live group mastermind calls with me, where I will personally answer your questions and guide you in your Unlock God Mode journey.

  • ⏳ Limited-Time Bonus: For those that purchase the course today, you will get a 1:1 personal coaching call with me (60 minutes). This is a limited-time bonus while spots last; my way of thanking you for joining me on this journey.

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After completing the course, expect to feel and experience:

  • 🚀 a renewed sense of momentum & flow in your life

  • 🧠 a higher level of awareness in all areas, enabling you to make better and smarter decisions in business, relationships, and life

  • 🔮 more frequent synchronicities, divine timing, and divine help

  • ğŸŽ¯ clarity around your goals and vision for your life

  • 🌟 a deeper understanding of your purpose

  • 💖 a deeper connection with your Infinite Self

  • 🌱 an unshakeable trust & a connection with Life itself


Here's what Iris had to say about Unlock God Mode:

I am so grateful that I was led to your course, it is the most successful course I experienced within 30 years of personal growth.

Here's what Brent said after listening to Lesson #22:

The most incredible succinct and easy to follow manifestation advice I've heard in years - it actually got me giddy and laughing out loud in excitement about what's to come.

Here's what Susan said about Lesson #15:

Hi James, 

I just started my day with your lesson #15 on Knowing - thank you so much for your excellent course. I am honestly blown away each time I listen to you. You have an unique talent to teach with so much clarity and calmness. I really love your course - that's why I take it more slowly to integrate your lessons. 

Thank you!!! I am really curious about the changes which will take place during the next weeks - and for now the most valuable change for me is getting more excited about what I want to manifest and believing stronger that things really will work out. 

Thanks again and have a great day!

My Story

My name is James Xander, I’m the creator of Unlock God Mode.

I've spent my life studying the power of the mind, and applying it in my own life. I created Unlock God Mode as a way to synthesize all my experience from years of studying and applying conscious creation techniques.

In my course, I get down to the practical and the nitty-gritty of what to actually do every day and how to stay consistent with your practices. I invite you to learn from my experience, and save yourself valuable time by jumping straight into tools that will bring you real results.

How It Works

Unlock God Mode consists of 4 weeks of consciousness training — 30-days of real inner work directly on your consciousness using the daily practices inside the course.

Each day you'll receive 1 audio lesson to give you a new powerful framework to work with and 1 feeling prompt that will help you generate a specific state throughout your day.

Here's what you'll get when you sign up:

  • 🔑 Immediate access to all 30 Lessons and 30 Feeling Amplifier Audios

  • 📩 A personal welcome email from me, guiding you to the course

  • 📝 A welcome form that helps me understand you & serve you better

  • 🔒 Access to a private community only for Unlock God Mode members

  • ğŸŽ Bonus: For those that sign up today, you'll get access to the 4 mastermind group calls in May 2024, as well as a personalized 1:1 coaching call with me.

Ready to begin?

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See you inside!

~ James Xander

Creator of the Unlock God Mode Experience